The Subscription Rox for August

Aragonite Star Cluster

Our Aragonite has repeated twinning which results in pseudo-hexagonal forms. HOLD ON…what’s “pseudo-hexagonal” you ask? No no, our Argonite is not fake or superficial. It’s also NOT to be confused with Phil Collins’ 1985 hit song, Sussudio. Pseudo-hexagonal refers to Aragonite’s crystal structure. The hexagonal shape is actually a result of intergrowth of 3 individual orthorhombic crystal structures that formed into a 6-sided crystal. With its distinctive hexagonal shape, it might as well be LuxeRox’s mineral mascot!

If Aragonite’s aesthetics and color is not unique enough, some believe this mineral has the power to combat anger and promote patience and acceptance. Aragonite represents the ability to transform. Who can’t use some Aragonite on their office desk? PS: And now you have Phil Colllins stuck in your head. You’re welcome!

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