Care for your Rox:

Minerals, crystals and fossils are precious gifts from Mother nature. Some have traveled thousands of miles to our vault before being carefully selected and packaged for you. It is 100% normal for small parts of the minerals to chip off upon opening your signature velvet LuxeRox pouch. Residual dust and particles can continue to flake or fall off during handling. Short story long, please handle your Rox with CARE.

Use your noggin!

Keep your Rox away from small children and pets. Display/ store your Rox in a dry and cool place. Don’t expose your Rox to extended amounts of sunlight and heat, or submerge in water. Never inhale and/or ingest your Rox. Always use common sense.

Displaying your ROX:

Our signature LuxeRox mineral stands are lightweight yet impact and heat-resistant. We use materials derived from natural resources making our stands eco-friendly to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint. We have designed our display stands to house a tiny magnet inside one “wall” of the stand which allows you to “snap” your display stands together as your collection grows This clever hidden attribute allows you to curate to your liking, the configurations are endless! Use the included Lucite pegs to prop/ support your ROX.

Each LuxeRox display is proudly made and assembled in the USA. Follow us on IG for display and curating ideas.

From the desk of LuxeRox:

Each specimen will vary in color and shape, but at LuxeRox, our goal is to bring you specimens that are of museum-caliber and substantial in size. Your specimen is as unique as you are. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike. This means every order will contain a one-of-a-kind work of art as crafted and intended by Mother Earth.