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Getting Started with Fossils for Crystal Collectors

Fossils are a piece of history, and collecting them goes hand in hand with collecting rocks or mineral specimens of any kind. This article will feature LuxeRox’s desirable fossils for beginner fossil collectors or crystal collectors.

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Ammonite Fossil

Crystal collectors really dig ammonite fossils. …Get it? The prehistoric ammonite itself was a cephalopod, a type of mollusk, most similar to the nautilus of today. These fossils show the beauty of this creature and leave to the imagination what it was like before its extinction.  If you are looking for a gift for a new mom, an ammonite specimen would make a very special push present. Some people will traditionally give this gift before childbirth due to the lore that it can help with labor pains.

septarian egg rock crystal fossil

Septarian Egg

Septarian Eggs ROCK! …Get it? Because a Septarian Egg is actually a type of rock. We know, we know — this one technically isn’t a fossil, but it still fits the theme. Septarian Eggs are formed from a type of rock called septarian concretion. These concretions are formed when a mineral-rich mud or clay hardens and cracks, forming unique patterns on the surface of the egg. The central part of the Septarian Egg is often made of a fossil, mineral or shell fragment that is surrounded by the concretion. 

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Petrified Wood

This is a great fossil, so you may want to “log” it for later. Petrified wood, also known as fossilized wood, happened because of trees that died or fell and then were covered with volcanic ash. The silica in the ash was dissolved by groundwater and as it permeated the trees, the silica replaced the plant cells and crystallized as chalcedony – which is a type of quartz. This makes petrified wood a piece of history as well as a geological phenomenon, perfect for the crystal or fossil enthusiast.

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If you’re interested in a monthly subscription box featuring fossils, we offer the LuxeRox Fossil Box — a 3 month subscription where you’ll receive an ammonite fossil, septarian egg, and a petrified wood specimen. We also offer 3 and 6-month crystal subscriptions, and the “crystal of the month” is determined by our Rox Calendar. LuxeRox is a woman-owned company based in Colorado, USA and gives a portion of their proceeds to Gem Legacy, a charity that supports East African artisanal gem mining communities.

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