Gem Legacy 3rd Anniversary

Gem Legacy, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting vocational training, entrepreneurship, and community development in East African colored gemstone mining regions, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with an online auction of jewelry and gemstones donated by industry gem dealers, jewelers, and marketers who support Gem Legacy.

The proceeds of the anniversary auction will fund the charity’s initiative to put tools in the hands of artisanal miners. Each toolkit costs an average of $125, though the toolkits are customized to the needs of each mine.

Auction item donors are: ANZA Gems, Buzz Advertising Agency, Caleb B. Quashen International, Enji Jewelry Studio, Dan Lynch Gems, Debra Navarro Jewelry, LuxeRox, Omi Gems, and Roger Dery Gem Design.

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