The Subscription Rox for June

Ammonite Fossil

I know what you’re thinking…our Ammonite doesn’t look a day over 50 million years old! We are thrilled to offer one of the most quintessential specimens in the fossil category. Ammonite, AKA Ammonoids existed WAY before dinosaurs roamed the earth (try 60 millions years ago, give or take). Who knew a prehistoric squid can be so sexy? As if that’s not cool enough, scientists use ammonite as a way to link specific geologic time periods.

To us, Ammonite is one of the most romantic specimens for its history and scientific contributions. You are literally holding eons of time in your hand! It’s also aesthetically pleasing with it’s signature spiral pattern which is believed to convert negative energy flow into positive energy flow. Ammonite is said to stimulate the flow of chi energy into the body and support with childbirth and the process of childbirth along with labor pains.

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