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List of Crystals for Beginner Collectors

Are you wanting to collect crystals and fossils (mineral specimens) but you aren’t sure where to start? This list is a comprehensive guide to collector minerals that are affordable and easy to get started with.

affordable crystal celestite mineral specimen for home decor

Sky Blue Celestite

A striking, yet affordable, mineral symbolizing inner peace, friendship, and love. Celestite makes a great addition to any crystal collection and can be gifted as a calming reminder of crystal-clear waters at the beach or the soothing summer sky. We love celestite because of its distinctive crystal shapes and soft blue color. As with many crystals, celestite should not be kept near sunlight as it could cause the color to fade.

green fluorite collectors mineral crystal specimen

Emerald Green Fluorite

Does it really get better than a crystal that glows under a blacklight? The word “fluorescence” actually comes from fluorite, which is a fact you can tell guests when you whip out your fluorite specimen for a party trick. Fluorite is another affordable mineral specimen that is great for starting a mineral collection. In fact, fluorite is even called “the collector’s mineral” for that exact reason. Shop fluorite specimens from LuxeRox today, or receive it in your May crystal subscription box!

neutral tone cave calcite crystal for home decor

Cave Calcite

Looking for a neutral color crystal for coffee table decor? Cave Calcite will blend perfectly into any room or setting due to it’s natural allure and subtle hue. A lesser-known mineral, adding this to your treasury will set it apart from your friends’ crystal collections. I mean…What’s worse than showing up to a party with the same crystal as someone else?

home decor ideas fibrous malachite crystal

Velveteen Malachite

Also known as fibrous malachite, this vivid green crystal will be the talk of the town if you display it in your home. Elevate your living room, library or bedroom with this exceptional mineral specimen. This one is a little more expensive than the other three we mentioned above, but certainly worth every penny. It’s important to note that photographs don’t capture the chatoyancy of this stone, which can only be seen accurately in real life. So yes — it will look better than the picture.

septarian dragon egg crystal rock mineral specimen

Septarian Dragon Egg

Is it a fossil? Is it a crystal? Is it…an actual dragon egg? While it might not actually be a prehistoric hatchling from a mythological creature, it’s still an exceptional feat of nature comprised of many different crystals. Each one is completely unique and will definitely attract attention in your home as a coffee table decoration or as a part of your mantle display. It’s hard to capture in a photo, so be sure to watch the unboxing video below.

best subscription boxes for women crystals aesthetic

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