LuxeRox Mineral Library

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Every LuxeRox crystal is natural and unique. Each one has been hand-selected for our LuxeRox customers, and is guaranteed palm-sized, arrives in a padded box for shipping and storage protection, and comes with a Lucite stand to match the gem’s elevated aesthetic. LuxeRox offers a crystal subscription box service that arrives monthly in the form of three and six-month subscriptions. Our Rox Library features many types of crystals, including luxurious mineral specimens such as septarian dragon egg, vanadinite, tourmaline, and more. Perfect for gift-giving, subscribe to get started with your crystal collection today!

Cave Calcite

Cave Calcite Cleansing, Growth, Clarity Origin Calcite can be found throughout the world including Brazil, Germany, Romania, England, Canada, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, and throughout the United States. See All Buying Options General Description Calcite [...]

Pyrite Sun

Pyrite Sun Origin Sparta, Illinois.  United States of America See All Buying Options General Description Also known as Pyrite Dollars, Miner’s Dollars, Sun Dollars.  Pyrite Suns are disk-shaped mineral concretions of pyrite (iron sulfide) arranged [...]


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