It all started during the middle of a pandemic while we were “quaranteaming”

We are two friends who share a fascination with the allure and uniqueness of unpolished minerals, crystals, and fossils. Having a combined 40+ years of experience in the fine jewelry industry between us, we started LuxeRox as a way to follow our passion for beautiful things and to share it with our fellow gem and mineral devotees in a male-dominated business.

We are not geologists or scientists, we are mineral enthusiasts who love the beauty Mother Earth provides and strive for an eco-luxe lifestyle. Our goal is to provide museum-caliber minerals that are accessible with a sprinkling of science and smattering of metaphysical benefits to beautify your space. What sets LuxeRox apart? Well, we like to think it’s our jolly sense of humor, keen eye for beauty, and an attainable approach to luxury. We hope LuxeRox serves as a “stepping stone” to help you effortlessly curate your own magnificent mineral collection.

You’re a Rox-Star! XO, Nan & Kelly

LuxeRox is proud to be women and BIPOC-owned.

Nan Lung Palmer

Founder/ CEO

Nan is a veteran in the Fine Jewelry Industry with over 20 years of experience in buying, merchandising, and product development and consults for Fortune 500 companies along with luxury jewelry retailers. Nan enjoys cooking ramen and ribeye steaks for her husband. In her spare time, she likes to dance and practice Muay Thai (don’t mess with her). Nan is the “head wrangler” of 3 children and a rescue dog.

Minerals collected to date: 38
Favorite mineral: Dioptase

Kelly Selcer

Co-Founder/ CMO

Kelly began her career in a variety of intriguing industries, ranging from the textiles industry to trade show production. She then spent a 20+ year stint as a real estate consultant in Los Angeles, developing mad negotiating skills and mastering the ancient art of hand holding and expectation management. While still dabbling in real estate, Kelly joined her husband, a veteran in the jewelry industry (and coincidentally Head Gopher of LuxeRox), developing an edgy line of empowerment jewelry called Gold and Smoke. As a fur mother of two, she spends her spare time vacuuming endless amounts of dog hair and picking up poop. It is, in fact, as glamorous as it sounds.

Minerals collected to date: 42
Favorite mineral: Vanadinite

Manos Phoundoulakis

Head Gopher/ Engineering

Manos started off his career in the jewelry business with a Sculpture degree, a ton of opinions (based on little knowledge) and an unfounded confidence….a few months in NYC and that changed really quick! Manos struggled to learn how to add 2+2 but eventually figured out the answer was 5. He somehow landed a job selling stunning gemstones and colored diamonds that are worth millions of dollars. Manos is now in charge of 3D design and all things a Head Gopher should be doing for LuxeRox.

Minerals collected to date: 22
Favorite mineral: Fluorite