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Top 3 Neutral-Color Crystals for Enhancing Your Interior Design

If you’re looking to add some natural flair to your home decor, neutral-color crystals are a great option to consider. Not only do they provide an earthy feel, but they can also enhance your interior design in unique and subtle ways. Here are three neutral-color crystals to consider for your next home decor project:

Cave Calcite

Cave Calcite is a beautiful, neutral-colored crystal that has a unique “coral” shape. It goes well with both classic and modern interior design, making it a versatile addition to any room in your home. It looks great on a bookshelf, a mantle, an end table, or even displayed under hung artwork. The refined, unique shape of the Cave Calcite crystal adds an elevated touch to any room without being too distracting.

Cave Calcite is actually aragonite, a crystal form of calcium carbonate that is chemically identical to calcite. Aragonite is what gives pearl nacre its luster, and it is also responsible for the iridescent appearance of ammolite, the fossilized shell of an ammonite. Displaying a Cave Calcite crystal in your home is not only visually appealing, but it also adds a touch of natural wonder to your decor.

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Pyrite is a metallic crystal that has a shiny gold color, making it an excellent accent for dark rooms or as an accent next to midnight black decor. It looks especially great in a home library, near a fireplace, or in a bedroom. The contrast between the dark room and the bright pyrite crystal creates an eye-catching display that draws the viewer’s attention. When paired with other colors like reds or dark blues, pyrite adds a pop of brightness to any room.

Pyrite is known as “fool’s gold,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t rare and valuable! It has a long history of use in everything from ancient tools and weapons to modern electronics. Displaying a pyrite crystal in your home not only enhances your decor but also showcases a piece of geological history.

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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a neutral-colored crystal that gives off earthy, homey vibes. It looks great displayed near an heirloom clock or next to a plant. This fossilized wood crystal is created when trees, many years ago, fell and were covered with volcanic ash. The silica in the ash was dissolved by groundwater and replaced the plant cells, crystallizing as chalcedony – a type of quartz. This process created a beautiful and unique texture that can be seen in petrified wood crystals.

In the United States, the Arizona Petrified Forest National Park is a well-known location for finding petrified wood. However, petrified forests can be found all over the world. Displaying a petrified wood crystal in your home not only adds an earthy feel to your decor but also showcases a piece of natural history.

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