The Subscription Rox for November

Petrified Wood

Oh you better knock, knock on wood! LuxeRox is lucky to announce the offerings of a rare Petrified Wood specimen from the city of Ambilobe in Madagascar. These fossils are from the Araucaria tree, a type of extinct conifer.

Psss…LuxeRox joke!
How does a coniferous tree get ready for a date? They SPRUCE themselves up!
Ok, that was acorn-y joke but we had to do it!

On a more serious note, Petrified Wood from this region of Madagascar dates back to 220 million years ago. This was the beginning of the Triassic period when the supercontinent of Pangea started to break apart into modern day continents along with the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Over the eons, the organic matter in these coniferous trees gets replaced by minerals (carbon, copper, iron, manganese) while most of the original structure like the tree rings stay intact.

It’s no surprise that Petrified Wood is known as a calming and grounding stone that fills you with the feeling of security. Since it was once a living, breathing tree that has fossilized over millions of years ago, it’s believed to promote patience and increase perseverance. Gift this fossil for someone who is launching a new goal or taking a new path. Petrified wood is also an excellent stone for meditating.

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