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How to Choose the Perfect Crystal for Home Decor

LuxeRox offers a crystal subscription box service that sends museum-caliber minerals to your door every month. Shop fine specimens such as velveteen malachite, purple fluorite and cave calcite from a woman-owned company based in Colorado. If you’re trying to decide where to start with your crystal collection, look no further! Here are things to consider when choosing a crystal for home decor.

Consider Sunlight Exposure

Many crystals may fade or lose their vibrancy when exposed to direct sunlight. If your space has a lot of natural light, place your crystal away from the windows to prevent color fading. Almost all fluorite is extremely unstable when exposed to too much sunlight for long periods of time, so if you’re shopping for crystals for a sunroom,  you might consider a different stone or decide to feature your fluorite in a darker room. Some of our crystals are neutral-colored instead of vibrant, such as cave calcite (pictured above), which may be a better choice if you’re wanting to place a crystal near a window.

Pairing with Other Decor

To create a harmonious and visually appealing display, consider the other decor items you have in the room. Malachite, with its striking green color and captivating texture, looks fantastic when paired with other gemstones. In a decorative wood bowl, arrange malachite specimens alongside a malachite bowl and trinket box. You can even add a green fluorite specimen to create an eye-catching combination of colors and textures.

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cave calcite featured with books and chinese art on a hearth

Placement and Safety

When choosing a crystal for your home, consider the placement and safety of the piece. If you have pets, children, or unstable surfaces, it’s important to find a location that is protected. Cave calcite, with its neutral color and refined appearance, is an excellent choice for a hearth or mantle. Pair it with a stack of books and showcase it against a background of Chinese art for a sophisticated and cultured look.

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Harmony with Color Palette

Take into account the color palette of the room where you intend to display the crystal. Choose a crystal that complements the existing colors and adds a touch of contrast or harmony. LuxeRox’s purple fluorite, for example, stands out beautifully next to a decorative box on a shelf. Its vivid color creates a captivating focal point in the room.

Versatility of Size

LuxeRox specimens are palm-sized, measuring a minimum of 3 inches. This makes them incredibly versatile for home decor. Whether you place them on a coffee table, bookshelf, or end table, they can easily fit into various spaces and arrangements, adding a touch of natural elegance wherever they are displayed.

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You can buy cave calcite, malachite, fluorite and many more crystals from LuxeRox! LuxeRox is a subscription box service that sends one palm-sized museum caliber mineral specimen to your door every month. We offer 3 and 6-month crystal subscriptions, and the “crystal of the month” is determined by our Rox Calendar. LuxeRox is a woman-owned company based in Colorado, USA and gives a portion of their proceeds to Gem Legacy, a charity that supports East African artisanal gem mining communities.

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