Gemmy and full of texture with amber color barite mixed with honey color calcite crystal matrix.
This exceptional crystal combination is specific to Meade County in South Dakota, which is renowned for producing these calcite and barite specimens. Each matrix is formed as a fossiliferous septarian and the calcareous concretion erodes out of the shale over the eons forming this unique mineral.

If you’re a fluorescent crystal junkie, try shining your Honey Calcite Barite under UV!
The honey calcite crystals will fluoresce orange-yellow under long wave UV and white-yellow under short wave UV.

If you’re into the spiritual properties this particular mineral offers then there are plenty of reasons to add our Honey Calcite Barite to your mineral collection! Calcite= Stone of Growth. Barite= Stone of Calm & Acceptance. Septarian= Stone of Understanding & Happiness. No shortage of good ju ju!

Specimen Locality:  Elk Creek, Meade County, South Dakota

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What’s included?

  • Palm-size specimen crafted by Mother Earth
  • LuxeRox Lucite Mineral Display stand (4” x 4”)
  • LuxeRox Velvet Storage Pouch (5” x 6”)

From the desk of LuxeRox: All specimens from LuxeRox are rough natural material.  Every order contains a one-of-a-kind work of art as crafted by Mother Nature.  All specimens will vary slightly in size, color, and shape.  All subscription-based specimens will fit in our signature LuxeRox velvet pouch and mineral stand. Not a single type of specimen will ever be the same.