Our Midnight Tourmaline is from the Sahatany Valley in the Antanarivo Province of Madagascar. This striking specimen has glistening lustre and is a rare double-terminated crystal (crystal with natural faces on both ends).

Tourmaline in this saturated midnight color is also known as Schorl *pronounced shore-o* (NOT to be confused with your Aunt Cheryl). Midnight Tourmaline is the iron-rich variety of tourmaline which is classified as a semi-precious stone. Tourmaline is particularly unique in that it is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric charged. This means that it has the power to generate electrical fields of energy. Now that’s one powerful stone!

Black Tourmaline is believed to be a cleansing and protective stone. Place it near the entrance of your home as a way to absorb negative energy and feelings.

Specimen Locality: Sahatany Valley.  Antanarivo Province of Madagascar

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What’s included?

  • Palm-size specimen crafted by Mother Earth
  • LuxeRox Lucite Mineral Display stand (4” x 4”)
  • LuxeRox Velvet Storage Pouch (5” x 6”)

From the desk of LuxeRox: All specimens from LuxeRox are rough natural material.  Every order contains a one-of-a-kind work of art as crafted by Mother Nature.  All specimens will vary slightly in size, color, and shape.  All subscription-based specimens will fit in our signature LuxeRox velvet pouch and mineral stand. Not a single type of specimen will ever be the same.