Vibrant Vanadinite

Vibrant Vanadinite


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So much to love with this vibrant and multi-faceted mineral.  Vanadinite is known for its distinctive geometric hexagonal crystal clusters and can come in a variety of colors depending on its origin.  Its gemmy red-orange to deep red crystal matrix makes it one of the most admired among mineral collectors.

Vanadinite is associated with the base chakra, giving one the energy to stay focused and spring into action! Vanadinite is also said to help balance and enhance your sexual energy and reproductive functions. Bow chicka bow wow!

Specimen Locality: Mibladen, Morocco

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What’s included?

  • Palm-size specimen crafted by Mother Earth
  • LuxeRox Lucite Mineral Display stand (4” x 4”)
  • LuxeRox Velvet Storage Pouch (5” x 6”)

From the desk of LuxeRox: All specimens from LuxeRox are rough natural material.  Every order contains a one-of-a-kind work of art as crafted by Mother Nature.  All specimens will vary slightly in size, color, and shape.  All subscription-based specimens will fit in our signature LuxeRox velvet pouch and mineral stand. Not a single type of specimen will ever be the same.

In stock

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