Velveteen Malachite

Velveteen Malachite


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Our Velveteen Malachite has a striking emerald green color with beautiful CHATOYANCY. What is chatoyancy you ask (sha-toy-en-see)? Chatoyancy is a phenomenon in gemology, also known as cat’s eye effect, an optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones and minerals. Light reflecting off of the intricate clusters of radiating malachite crystals creates a holographic effect. This visual phenomenon can be compared to the brilliant sheen reflecting off the fibers of velvet. Hence why we call our Fibrous Malachite, “Velveteen Malachite”…it is so lustrous and silky smooth!

This rich and lustrous specimen is sourced directly from the Rusahi Mine from the Katanga Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fibrous Malachite has been declining in supplies after a reassurance of materials in 2010. This mineral will surely become a collector’s item and add a special pop of color to your living space!

Malachite is known as the stone of transformation. It encourages unconditional love, change, and risk-taking. Gift this to a loved one who might be going through a difficult time.

Specimen Locality: Ruashi Mine. Katanga Province, Democractic Republic of Congo

Read more about Velveteen Malachite and how its formed from our LuxeRox Mineral Library

What’s included?

  • Palm-size specimen crafted by Mother Earth
  • LuxeRox Lucite Mineral Display stand (4” x 4”)
  • LuxeRox Velvet Storage Pouch (5” x 6”)

From the desk of LuxeRox: All specimens from LuxeRox are rough natural material.  Every order contains a one-of-a-kind work of art as crafted by Mother Nature.  All specimens will vary slightly in size, color, and shape.  All subscription-based specimens will fit in our signature LuxeRox velvet pouch and mineral stand. Not a single type of specimen will ever be the same.

In stock


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