Septarian Dragon Egg


Septarian, or technical term, “concretion” is a hard, compact mass of matter formed by the precipitation of minerals and it is found in sedimentary rock throughout the world.  Gem and collector-level quality septarian can be found in Morocco and Madagascar. 

General Description

Separtian are formed from smaller sea life that were eliminated during the Cretaceous period.  These caresses sank to the bottom of the ocean bed and started decomposing.  Over the eons, they formed into nodules or mud balls.  Minerals such as calcite and aragonite filled the cracks in a concretion.  When the ocean receded, the nodules dried out and began to shrink and crack into its distinct pattern you see today.  This specific geological formation can sometimes leave hollow spaces and even crystals inside the nodule. Also known as Dragon Stone, Septarian contains a unique combination of rocks, minerals, and organic matter that can include yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone, and white barite.

Commercial Uses

Gem quality septarian can be faceted into ornate items and jewelry.  Due to its rich earth tone colors, it can make an excellent addition to interior design as sculptures and other home decor objects.

Metaphysical Properties

Septarian is said to bestow confidence and patience to the wearer. It is also known as Dragon Stone which absorbs surrounding energies into strength.  Septarian is connected to the sacral and root chakras which can bring calmness by connecting one with nature and natural energies.



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