Curiosity, Sexual & Reproductive Energy


Vanadinite (pronounced va*na*di*nite) can be found in Austria, Spain, Scotland, South Africa, Morocco, Argentina, Mexico, and parts of the United States.

General Description

Vanadinite is usually bright-red or orange-red in color.  It can also be brown, red-brown, grey, yellow, or even colorless. Its distinctive and vibrant color makes it popular among mineral collectors. Vanadinite is very brittle, producing small, conchoidal fragments when fractured.  Due to its low hardness, it should be handled with care and it’s typical for small crystals to break off.  Vanadinite is a lead vanadate chloride that belongs to the Apatite group of minerals.  Vanadinite’s classic crystal habit is short hexagonal prisms terminated by a pinacoid, or flat basal face.

Commercial Uses

Vanadinite is one of the main industrial ores of the element vanadium, which can be extracted by roasting and smelting.  Most of the vanadium produced today is used as an additive to strengthen steel.

Metaphysical Properties

Vanadinite is said to help balance and enhance your sexual energy and reproductive functions. Vanadinite encourages creativity and curiosity.  It can assist in helping you focus and maintain direction.  Vanadinite has a strong connection to the base chakra. It grounds your soul and puts your spirit into action.

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