You do and so do we!

LuxeRox is an exclusive monthly subscription service delivering highly curated and attainable mineral, crystal, and fossil specimens to people who are fascinated by these unique marvels of nature. Our mission is to bring the alluring beauty of our earth to your door, whether your attraction is for learning and science, beautifying your home, or for the metaphysical health & wellness attributes.

At LuxeRox, we are not geologists or scientists, we are mineral enthusiasts who love the organic, eco-luxe lifestyle. Our goal is to make specimen collecting accessible, fun, and educational.

We are dedicated to sourcing from sustainable mines across the globe. We are honored to partner with Gem Legacy, a non-profit organization created to ensure the welfare and protection of miners. A portion of every LuxeRox purchase will be donated to Gem Legacy to support education, vocational training, and local economies in Africa.

Each specimen is hand-selected and comes with our signature eco-friendly* LuxeRox mineral display stand and velvet pouch. We hope LuxeRox serves as a “stepping stone” to effortlessly curate your very own magnificent mineral collection.

About our Signature Mineral Display Stand

Our signature LuxeRox mineral stands are lightweight yet impact and heat-resistant. We use materials derived from natural resources making our stands eco-friendly to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint. Our built-in proprietary mechanism allows you to curate to your liking and the configurations are endless! Use the included lucite pegs to prop/ support your ROX.

Each LuxeRox display is proudly made and assembled in the USA! Follow us on IG for display and curating ideas.